Posted By Atoyebi Abiodun on Nov 23 2019


Neo Black Movement Of Africa gave LINDA IKEJI 14 days I mean 14 days to bring down the nonsense she posted about NBM and also apologize and pay 30m for calling NBM a DREADED cult group and Black Axe Cultists. NH u deh game o, Linda Ikeji must pay and also apologize publicly to NBM Worldwide  so that others journalism blogs will learn from it.

Nbm is not a cult group and it will never a cult group

Nbm have tried a lot in Nigeria and not only Nigeria but to the whole wide world where Our Zone had been established.

Nbm is well registered under CAC and it never a cult group I repeated 👌

Linda Ikeji is owing us apologies for the good we does to our great country Nigeria and don't forget that she must also pay for it. Linda Ikeji can never come and tarnished the image of our great movement and go  free, Nbm no be child's play, she's must pay for it, few days remaining.

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