With His New Live Album, Brymo Reminds Us Of Why Live Performances Are A Must For All Artists

Posted By Atoyebi Abiodun on Sep 27 2019


a world where it seems like Live albums are dying slowly, Brymo reminds us of the awe and majesty of live music with his new live album Brymo Live at Terra Kulture.


There’s an art to live music. The music comes alive and breathes harmony into the audience. All who are witness to it become high on the atmosphere and the music. That’s if it is done properly. In Nigeria, fuji musicians seem to be the only ones who are dedicated to the art of live albums.

Live albums are products of live performances and live performances will forever be a benchmark for judging the artistry of every music act irrespective of what genre of music they do. In recent times, the Nigerian audience has grown accustomed to the “DJ track 1...track 2” type of performances and performers have relied on this for too long. Apart from the fact that live performances are very important for artists in terms of artistry, it also has monetary value. Brymo can always put together a show and charge exorbitant prices without fear because he knows that people will always pay to ex[perience the thrill of live music.


“It’s extremely important...Being a great performer is more important than being great at conversations or any other thing” Brymo tells us in his interview with Bombuzz. He speaks in regards to how important it is for artists to perfect their stagecraft/live performances. His new album Brymo live at Terra Kulture breathes life into the ears of the listener and transports you back in time to the day the live album was recorded.


As you listen, you can feel the energy of the audience as they are thrilled by Brymo and his band. It’s important that we keep the tradition of live performances and live albums is a great way to that.

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