Rape Victim Discloses The Effect Of The Abuse She Has To Live With

Posted By Atoyebi Abiodun on Sep 05 2019

A rape victim took to Twitter to share her story and she disclosed the effect of the abuse which she has had to live with ever since.

@uMbaliBlackRose said she no longer has control of her bladder due to the rape she suffered. As a result, she has to wear pads every day to avoid wetting herself.

She tweeted:-

“Dear rape apologist!!! Because of rape I’m unable to hold pee. I wear pads everyday of my life.”

Her tweet is one of many from South African women detailing how they have and continue to suffer rape.

The women are tweeting with the trending hashtag #AmINext as they condemn the increasing rate of gender-based violence in the country

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