Posted By Atoyebi Abiodun on Jun 18 2020

I'm 28 yrs old, my parents died when I was 14yrs old.
I dropped out of school because no one could afford to pay my fees.
I met a guy when I was 17yrs old and he sent me back to school. He sold fruits on the streets so that he could pay my school fees. He later got a job as a truck driver and sent me to university.
I'm now working as a lawyer. My problem is that I feel I can't continue with this relationship because this guy is not the type of a man I would like to marry! !!!!
How best can I tell him that he is not my type without hurting his feelings?
I'm grateful he sent me to school but I can't be in a relationship with him anymore!
I want somebody in my own class not a truck driver! !
Pls group members, advice me on what to do!!!

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    Babe just swallow your pride and boost his status also. After making enough as a lawyer. You would regret leaving him forever

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    Nice one boss man.

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